John Legend – You & I (Nobody In The World)

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Directed by Mishka Kornai
Executive Producer • James Khabushani
Producers • Alan Michnoff, Eric Cook, Zac Geoffray

Music video by John Legend performing You & I (Nobody In The World). (C) 2014 Getting Out Our Dreams and Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment




Selena Gomez – The Heart Wants What It Wants (Official Video)

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Music video by Selena Gomez performing The Heart Wants What It Wants. (C) 2014 Hollywood Records, Inc.




Jennifer Lopez – Booty ft. Iggy Azalea

Jennifer Lopez "Booty” (ft. Iggy Azalea)
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Love those sexy music videos? Here are some of the sexiest of all time

Everyone loves a sexy music video (don’t lie, you know it’s true). We have compiled what we and many others believe are some of the sexiest videos of all time. Artists like Beyonce, Shakira, J’Lo, Miley Cyrus (yeah, I don’t see that either, but it is thrown out there pretty often so I thought i’d acknowledge it), Rhianna (hell yeah, she’s sexy as f#!K!) and Nelly Furtado are well known not only for their musical talents, but their smoldering hottness!

Sexy doesn’t have to be gratuitous, filled with scantily clothed hotties shaking their asses or anything like that. We are not saying that we don’t fully appreciate the gratuitous, overt, half bare asses shaking in our faces because we really love that shit! However, most men and women know sexiness comes in many forms and can be very subtle and classy. Like a beautiful woman in a business suit with some sexy high heals and an that confident attitude that let’s you know she is very well aware she is sexy. That shit is hot! So take a look at the video list we compiled and see if you agree with us (if you don’t that’s alright, it’s our blog we make the rules here ;). These are in no particular order, enjoy the videos.

First up to bat… Christina Aguilera “Dirty”. We don’t bother to go into what makes this particular video sexy other than to say take a look and decide for yourself.

Next up is from Rhianna with “Stay”. This one would fall under the category of super subtle, very classy and super sexy. Damn this woman is HOT!

An also ran from Rhianna is S&M … not a huge fan, but it’s mentioned frequently. You be the judges.

Moving on to a personal favorite… Shakira with “She Wolf”. This woman can flat out move, all you can do is sway your head in time with those hips.

What list would be complete with an entry from the always uber hot Mariah Carey with her video “Touch My Body”. The goofy dude in this takes away from it somewhat, but, Mariah’s hotness more than overcomes that hot mess.

Let’s face it… Mariah’s ridiculous hotness can be observed in most of her videos. This woman is just sexy as all get out. Check out Honey and Obsessed if you need any further convincing.

Since I don’t want anyone to feel left out… For Ultra Music Festers/EMD kiddies… I offer you Inna “Deja Vu”. Frankly with the EDM videos I could go on and on with this stuff. It’s some pretty hot stuff.

Well that’s the list for the moment… Don’t worry though. This particular theme will definitely merit part’s 2, 3 and well as many as I feel the need to do.

Ok, so this one’s not music… It’s desert landscaping time

So, we have a landscaping project coming up at our home in Arizona. We are trying to cut down on our water usage. You know, doing something helpful to the environment and whatnot. So we have settled on Xeriscaping ( For those of you who are not familiar with what that is, it’s fancy way saying desert landscaping. Using native desert plants will allow us to use far less water maintaining our landscape while still having a visually appealing front yard. In the area where we live it also just happens to be all the rage these days. Look at me being all trendy and s#It. We have been talking to our Phoenix landscaper about desert landscaping and to try and get some ideas as to what is possible. We aren’t sure if we are actually going to use them, but eh, we probably will.

That brings me to the reason for this post… Thought we’d pop a video up and see if we would get some feedback as to whatch’all think would look good. We have the blog so why not put it to good use. I know sounds like that will be lame… not so fast. This particular video has a pretty tight beat to it so props to the Phoenix landscaping company that put it on Youtube. So that being said, take a look at this video and let us know what you think.

#xeriscaping #phoenix #landscapingcompany

Ass Shakin’ Part Deux, J’Lo Booty … Damn!

Considering Jennifer Lopez’s famous assets you would have thought this would have happened long ago. Well, the wait is over J’Lo puts her impressive posterior on full display in her newly released video Booty featuring Iggy Azalea. While Azalea does her best to hold her own with her bouncing backside she is clearly not in the same league as Lopez. Then again, very few people are. The song itself isn’t that great, it is playful and will likely be enjoying some heavy play in the clubs. Personally, If i’m listening to the Booty Mp3 of this without the visual… well lets just say I’m luke warm on it. Reviews of the video so far have been mixed with some comparing it to soft core porn. Anyone watching this with an unbiased eye would probably concede it pushes the envelope of PG viewing. I am glad that J’Lo finally decided to ASSERT (pun intended) herself and get in the game as the queen of rump shakin’. If she can figure out more ways to show off her exceptionally formed backfield I for one am all for it! Did I mention DAMN!?

So here it is, Jennifer Lopez featuring Iggy Azalea, Booty ((C) 2014 Capitol Records, LLC.)

Here is the link if for some insane reason you just want to download the J’Lo Booty MP3 without the visual accompaniments (yeah that is going to happen ;)) you can get it at Google Play.

A Streaming Music Service For Everyone, An Audiophile’s Wet Dream Come True

Before the revolution of the internet early part of this century, music could be accessed only over the radio waves. However, a dramatic shift of internet technologies has made it possible to gain access to a whole world of music at the click of a button on a wide variety of devices including smartphones. As a result, countless radio stations have now found a new avenue to reach their listeners through streaming music apps for PC, Mac and mobile devices such as iPhone and android driven devices which dominate the smartphone landscape.

Over the past decade the trend in the music industry has been the use of platforms such Google’s Play and iPhone’s iTunes to store and share music. In addition to these services the introduction of streaming music apps has completely transformed the way people listen to music. These applications remove the need to physically store music on mobile devices by offering real-time streaming from the internet.

The majority of people using streaming apps prefer certain types of applications due to factors such as download times, user-friendliness and variety of music available. Here are some popular applications that have been proven to offer consistent streaming tunes.

Spotify − Ranked among the top ten most reliable streaming music apps of 2013, this application contains a catalog of over 20 Million tracks making it an online music store giant. Apart from the concrete music database, the app also brags of an enormous online community as well as cross-platform capabilities.

Slacker − Much like Spotify, this app boasts of a sturdy song database of just over 13 Million tracks. However, unlike Spotify, Slacker supports live streaming of sport radio stations allowing users not only to create and listen to custom albums but also live radio.

Rdio − This is perhaps one of the best streaming music apps on the internet to date due to its superb user interface and support for on-demand streaming. Unlike Spotify and Slacker, Rdio has no limitations on saving between multiple devices. Despite the low quality bit rates of 192kbps, Rdio remains to be a reliable streaming app especially for users who prefer visually appealing designs and responsive interfaces, oh yeah they currently claim to have over 20 million tunes in their catalog. Cram some of that shit in your ear holes!

Pandora − Similar to the apps listed above, Pandora is yet another musical titan despite its seemingly thin catalog. I’m not sure what anyone else has noticed with Pandora, but I hear a shit load of repetition on this service. Despite that it’s still a personal favorite. Probably because Pandora offers superior sound quality and relatively robust music search capabilities.

Apart from the services above, there are many other streaming music apps on the internet which means there is something for everyone. Just run a quick search on Google and you are sure to find something that works for you. Happy listening.